Prometheus is an popular open-source monitoring tool that provides functionality for displaying, querying, and alerting on time-series data that’s collected from various targets. Typically, it’s used in combination with Grafana for visualizing and building observability dashboards which let you understand the state of your systems at a glimpse.

One less known feature is that it also provides a pull model that lets you send PromQL queries over HTTP. This model can be used to access both historic data over a time range or current data.

Using this model, we can combine it with other things such as an expression engine…

For the first part of my Go series, I discuss different applications for best using goroutines and channels with an emphasis towards server-sided Go development.

Before looking through concrete examples, lets look into a comparison of concurrency and parallelism. Awhile back I read an interesting definition comparing the two:

Concurrency is the composition of independently executing processes, while parallelism is the simultaneous execution of computation. Parallelism is about executing many things at once, it’s focus is execution. While concurrency is about dealing with many things at once, it’s focus is structure.

This explanation does a good job of comparing and…

Alexander Sniffin

Software Engineer and cold brew addict with a focus in Go, Scala, Kubernetes/Cloud Architecture and part-time Raspberry PI tinker.

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